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Party Ideas

Friends & family

Just a mixer with all of your nearest and dearest female friends and family! A fun way to get together and catch up! 

Bridal or Bachelorette parties

Do some shopping with your bridal party and closest female guests in honor of the bride! Use the rewards to let her pick out her bachelorette party/honeymoon outfit! 

Birthday parties

What better way to celebrate a birthday then to go shopping in honor of the birthday girl so she can get free clothes? Great for any age! 


Shopping for a cause! Donate your "rewards" to a charity or particular cause instead of to a single host!

Sorority Bonding

Does your sisterhood need a new kind of bonding activity? Donate the rewards to your sorority's favorite charity. 

Co-worker bonding

Get all the office ladies together for a shopping extravaganza! Donate to a company charity or use the rewards anyway you would like. 

How They Work

Invite your Friends

Reach out to all your friends, and make sure you have at least 5 ladies who want to come shopping with you-but, the more the merrier! 

Pick a date

Pick a date that works best for you and your group and schedule it online with a $25 fee that is refundable if you keep your party (in form of credit to shop with). 


Promote your party! We suggest making email invites and or a Facebook invite to make sure you spread the word far and wide and get as many attendees to your party as possible (the more that come, the more rewards for you)!

Hostest rewards

  • As a host you will get 15% of the sales from your party to shop with! 
  • Or donate your rewards to a charity of your choice! 
  • you will  also receive a free gift for being a host!
  • Each guest will receive a coupon to shop online at a different date then your party. 

party time

You provide the food & drinks for your guests. 

online party orders

If you have guests that want to come to your party that can't or that live out of town, we will provide you with a code to give them and points go toward your party. 

  • you can collect the items (no extra charge)
  • we can ship them the items ($5 flat rate shipping)